Batmeeting trailer

Batmeeting will be in App Store and Google Play by June 6th.

Batmeeting is an iOs / Android game to play in the nighttime. Pet your blood-sucker bat, feed him with blood and meet other night creatures in the caves and forests.

Turn out the lights and immerge yourself in a comic goth atmosphere.

Help your pet bat survive the pitfalls of cramped labyrinth caves and tangled forests, and stay away from the light.

Blood is your fuel and your currency: never run out of it or you will feed your pet with your own blood


Ambient light breaks through the holes and the trees and lights up the game: play only when it’ dark.

Unique game experience: learn to fly like a bat, avoid obstacles catch your preys and suck their blood.

Multiplayer. But bats are not always nice among each other: you can choose whether collaborate or steal blood from other players.

Store blood you will use in the hard times. Use blood to recharge when you run out, or to buy shields, speedups, magnets, or eclipses to play during the daytime.

You’ll need blood more and more: look for bigger preys.

Batmeeting is free but has in app purchases if you need more blood.

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